About Me

An eternal traveller, with wheels under my feet, I cannot sit still in my house for too long. I travel, and as I travel I do what I love doing the most: photograph the places, almost as if I am documenting them; perhaps with an unconscious desire that I will enjoy them at some point of time in life when I no longer possess those wheels under my feet. Until then, I will keep exploring the beautiful places and the rich heritage of my country, and photo documenting them. As I document, I will also write on some of these places and monuments as blog articles. Through these blog-posts I will attempt to share my feelings of the places I have seen, and talk on the history of those places. So do keep reading and travelling with me, as I keep exploring the past and places.

For a more formal introduction to myself:

Born and brought up in Calcutta, I have stayed and worked in Calcutta, Mumbai, as well as in Delhi. After completing my Masters in Lifesciences, I started my career as a teacher, then moved on to being a sales team leader, finally ending up as a freelance writer. Currently I work as an educational consultant and reviewer. In the near past I have worked as the head of Publications for a Delhi based NGO (Youth For Heritage Foundation), which was working towards creating general awareness about heritage. Following my love for photography and art, I have completed a one year diploma course in photography from the Birla Institute of Management and Futuristic Studies (Kolkata), and a three year art and craft course from the Ramkrishna Mission Seva Pratisthan (Kolkata). I have been fortunate enough to have my travel and heritage related photographs and articles featured and published in print magazines and heritage based portals. Currently, I write a weekly column on heritage and travels for the Financial Express news site.

My name: Monidipa Bose Dey

To ask any questions do get in touch at any of the given email addresses.