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The big Aryan-Dravidian debate: Inventing an invasion that never took place in India

The Aryan issue started way back in the 16th Century (1584) when an Italian trader named Philippo Sessetti came to Goa and learnt some Sanskrit words and found them similar to Latin and Greek. Based only on this similarity and without any hard evidence, the nineteenth century European scholars, the famous among them being Max Müller and Muir, proposed the Aryan Invasion Theory (AIT) ….

Decoding the great historical conspiracy to turn Saraswati into a mythical river

Recent scientific research, British era documentations by geologists and other experts, and our ancient texts speak of a mighty river that originated in the Himalayas and reached the Arabian sea

‘Indians lack cultural unity and continuity from ancient past’: People who say this are lying and here’s why

Indian culture and religion do not lack continuity. They have evolved over time, but kept the core meaning and values intact