A Photographic Journey of Hardwar

Scenes from Har ki Pauri ghat: the melting point of  India where one gets to see people from all states   The main bazaar area bordering the ghats: The Temples of Hardwar near Har ki Pauri To read on the history and other details on Haridwar please check this link : Haridwar

Devi sakti and Durga in her two main forms: Katyayani and Mahishasuramardini

Listen, O Devi, I will speak concisely of the essence of yoga. The body resembles a tree, with the root above and the branches below. In the macrocosm there are tirthas (bathing places) which also exist in the body. The macrocosm is like the microcosm. ~ Todala Tantra, II Liberation comes from knowledge of self. ~ Kaula Upanishad Within…

Kurmachal or Kumaun – The land of Vishnu

माटू हमरू, पाणी हमरू, हमरा ही छन यी बौण भी… पितरों न लगाई बौण, हमुनही त बचौण भी। (Soil ours, water ours, ours are these forests. Our forefathers raised them, it’s we who must protect them —Old Chipko Song ) The state of Uttarakhand, earlier referred to as Uttaranchal, is located in the northern part of India….

Exploring the lanes of ancient Indian city architecture

After reading some of the heated debates on different Facebook forums centering on the term ‘Vedic architecture,’ I thought of exploring this subject a bit. This entailed I pull out books written by well known historians who had read and translated the original texts that dealt with topics related to ancient Indian architecture. Thanks to…

Few Artefacts from the National Museum, Delhi

The National Museum in Delhi is a treasure trove, and anyone who loves history need just take a look around to vouch for this sentiment. The Museum houses almost 2,00,000 artifacts of various kinds, that cover a time span of more than five thousand years in the context of Indian heritage, both archaeological and cultural. The…