Photodocumenting Museum Sculptures I – Coochbehar Palace Museum (newly renovated)

All photos by Anirban Sarkar (if images are downloaded and shared, please give his name as reference)

Surya, 10th c. CE

Navagraha panel, 10th c. CE

4 armed Devi, 9th -10 c. CE

Fragmentary remains of a likely Vishnu Stele, at the two sides are Devis Lakshmi and Saraswati, 11-12th c. CE

remains of ornametal stele, 10th -11th century CE

Vishnu, 11th-12th century CE

Avalokiteswara, 11th century CE

Surya , 10th c. CE

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  1. Anirban Sarkar says:

    Thank you Monideepa ji for sharing the pictures 🙏. Gives a chance for others to relive a part of our ancient history.

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    1. moni1706 says:

      Please keep photo documenting like this whenever you visit a museum to leave behind our rich Indic legacy for the next generation 🙏


  2. anirban01e255d9789e says:

    Thank you. It would be my duty 🙏

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